​Why Blush Pause? Essentially, it is a Blush-hued Pause in your day where I hold space for you. We are more than a mobile massage and spa therapy service. It all started with a passion to take affordable luxurious massage therapies to your door, to the busy modern Adelaide woman. 

That passion has organically grown to manifesting and creating an all-encompassing luxurious opulent self-care 
Blush Pause for you including a range of beautiful, nourishing and high-performing micro-batch skincare products which are proudly hand-made locally with intention and love from premium ingredients.

Products to use in our Blush Pause Massage Rituals, Spa Upgrades and Retreat Packages and to eventually sell so you can easily maintain the effects of the blissful Blush Pause service before we next knock on your door.

We are simply passionate about delivering fresh eco-luxury products and excellent authentic customer service, from using the softest linen, locally blended artisan tea, to ecologically aware and beautiful packaging and wrapping paper! A life-long potion maker, Jayne is more than happy to discuss with you your skincare needs.

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