* Not available for our pregnant or breastfeeding clientele - see our Prenatal + Post Natal Menu


60 / 90 Minute

$130 / $170

This Massage Ritual is perfect for you if you are seeking clarity and detoxifying of body and mind. While you are cocooned in heated linen, we begin your luxurious journey with a dry body brushing using Stass & Co brushes, made from walnut wood and natural sisal bristles. You will then experience a deep luxurious, cleansing massage using our divine, handcrafted, warm Sanctuary oil designed to detoxify, purify and relax. Your skin will be left glowing and feeling firmer. Completed with a @saha_botanica tea service for further detoxification support. 
To intensify the cleansing experience, why not add a Spa Upgrade such as our Sanctuary Body Wrap of healing clays which hug, hydrate and heal your skin; or our Sanctuary Halotherapy (Salt) treatment of a stimulating mineral scrub handcrafted with Hawaiian salts and essential oils to induce circulation and wellness.


60 / 90 Minute

$130 / $170


Monthly Flow Package 
(4 x 60 minute)


This lush and restorative Massage Ritual focuses on how your unique body and energetic alignment is during menstrual and hormonal changes, be it low back and hip pain, headache, flashes or cramps, enabling you to feel more grounded in your body. We use our handcrafted hormone-balancing Sanctuary body oil while you are cocooned in our heated opulent linen, together with acupressure and a tea service designed for hormonal support.
Ideally schedule your Massage Ritual within the first day or two of your period. For premenstrual symptoms, schedule it in the week before the first day of your period.  
Enquire about our Monthly Flow Package for ongoing regular relief from symptoms.


90 Minute


This Massage Ritual is intended to release muscular tension, calm the central nervous system, and restore balance to the energetic pathways in the body. It is a restorative combination of light gliding massage, breath work, meditation, energy cleansing using specialised chakra organic essential oils and crystal placement, Tibetan signing bowl vibrational healing, hot rocks, chanting (Tibetan monks), burning of "sacred wood" palo santo for its energetic healing properties, and a Hawaiian ancient wisdom life path reading. Completed with a tea service.


60 / 90 Minute

$90 / $110 / $150

This is our intuitive Massage Ritual, a personalised treatment custom designed to treat your concerns and needs on the day - if you do not require detoxifying (CLEANSE), hormonal support (FLOW), or energetic realignment (HARMONY). We will curate the perfect treatment for you using her wide ranging expertise and our exquisite handcrafted warm jasmine-infused Sanctuary oil. The opulent experience is completed with a local Saha Botanica tea service of your choice.
Upgrade with Scalp Renewal, Luxe Legs, Express Facial treatments to intensify your Blush Pause experience.


2 hrs 30 Minute
$240 per couple

(valued at $270)

This is our intuitive Serenity Massage Ritual for couples and is usually performed by the same therapist, one guest after another. If you wish to receive your treatments together, we do require
at least 2 weeks' notice to secure another Spa Fairy to assist. Please enquire before booking. The opulent experience is completed with a herbal tea, SA sparkling wine, or SA G&T service (enquire on booking).
Add on our Spa Upgrades such as Scalp Renewal, Luxe Legs, or Express Facial treatments to intensify your Blush Pause experience.
Subject to availability and T&C.


Highly recommending Blush Pause couples massage at home, not only was it the best it was also very relaxing! Jayne is so professional and beautiful she will make you feel so comfortable in your own house couldn’t ask for a better experience. Jayne is so passionate about what she does and uses great quality products that she hand makes, she even brought us our choice of organic Saha Botanica tea! Couldn’t have been happier with the entire experience from start to the end!!
- Mayssam, Newton

Exclusively women-only within 25km
of the Adelaide CBD, South Australia


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