Updated: Jan 11

January is the perfect month for a fridge and body cleanse. I have been cleansing by eating lean and juicing since Christmas to balance my crazy hormones and feel lighter. While on the road pampering I try to carry clean food to hydrate and nourish my body, but not always. Here is what I have been enjoying:


I begin the day with a warm lemon water (through a straw to protect my teeth!) followed 15-20 minutes later with a fresh cold pressed celery juice! It is amazing for the gut, liver, skin and weight loss!

A smoothie is up next with berries for their antioxidant benefits, flavour and beauty, maca powder for its hormone balancing properties, vitC, collagen and protein powders, and almond milk.

🌿I also make a vegetable juice when making my celery juice made of carrot, celery, beetroot, ginger, parsley, turmeric, orange or pineapple for example. This I drink about an hour after my lunch salad, recipes for which I will share shortly 🌿

How have you been cleansing and eating clean?

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