Are you OK - today?


This is a lengthy but very important post and I think we all need to read it ...

Once a year we have the #RUOK day but what about the other days in the year? How are you showing up in your life?

As a wellness expert I believe I have a duty of care to show up even if I am not ok and I can be powerful in either state.

There are times we show up and rather not be there, at home or with family or under your doona. We bring the pain and heaviness to our work, to our days.

There are days I don't want to show up. This last week I have not been ok, but I believe it is vital to help you, my beautiful community, to show up even so. I am real and I am authentic. And I have shared this with clients who are also not wanting to show up and be real. I hold a safe space for women to be real and authentic as I am. The mission of a Blush Pause.

Mums - at school drop-off you present with a smile to other parents but when you get into your car you cry an feel like you are all alone, as if noone can see you.

We think we have to tough and strong. All of the time. But don't.

Here is a simple exercise to check in with yourself and we need to do it daily at the very least:

❤one hand on heart, one hand on your pubic area

and close your eyes

❤ take conscious deep breaths, over and over and once you have settled, silently in your mind repeat the following mantra:

> in this moment it is safer for me to remain in my body.

> my body is wise, intuitive and holds me tenderly

in this moment

> I choose peace, I choose rest, I choose ease

❤ keep breathing deeply

❤ breathe your way back into your body and feel the calmness of peace, rest and ease

❤ do this process for 5-7 minutes

This may break you, bring out the tears or it may bring you peace. Anything is possible and real. I am here for you. Feel free to comment below or DM me.

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