The power of lavender


Today we are going to go on a sensory journey. As I am blending new potions for our gorgeous treatments to create the perfect sanctuary for you, I am always drawn to the sublime jasmine, neroli, lavender, and rose. They make me feel softer, feminine, loving.

Lavender not only smells amazing with its earthy sweetness and helps calm frazzled nerves, but did you know it also has amazing healing qualities due to its antiseptic and antimicrobial properties? 🌿 it helps to promote hair growth, prevents hair loss, and moisturises and balance the scalp

🌿 it soothes and nourishes skin, helps heal dry and acne prone skin

🌿 it reduces the appearance of dark spots

🌿 it can help improve blood circulation

Ensure you use 100% pure lavender essential oil or an absolute, organic if possible, checking that is from the Lavandula Officinalis Angustifolia plant. You only need a few drops per 2tbl of oil for your body or your bath. Enjoy x

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