60 / 90 Minute

$130 / $170

Our Glow prenatal Massage Ritual is a safe, supportive and deeply relaxing full body massage offering wonderful benefits to pregnant mamas from the second trimester (12 weeks or more into pregnancy). As each pregnancy and body is unique, our Glow treatments are tailored specifically to you to assist with soothing muscular pains and other discomforts associated with your pregnancy, all performed in the calming and comfortable haven of your own abode. The massage will be expertly performed using a professional massage table and shaped pillows in the side-lying position considered to be the safest position during pregnancy. Paired perfectly with our sublime neroli and mandarin pregnancy-safe Sanctuary body oil and a Happy Baby tea service by Saha Botanica. 



60 / 90 Minute

$130 / $170

Our Cherish post natal (post partum) Massage Ritual is similar to our prenatal Glow massage, and is a safe, supportive and deeply nurturing full body massage offering wonderful benefits to post partum mamas in the 12 weeks following birth (longer if still healing from a C-section). Giving you the Pause you need to embrace motherhood and your new baby, we understand that each body, birth and baby are unique and so will your Blush Pause experience be. Our handcrafted Cherish Massage Ritual can be combined with our Glow Spa Upgrade treatments for extra rejuvenation (where medically permitted), performed in the calming and comfortable haven of your own abode. Your Massage Ritual will be expertly performed using the safest position during post partum and breastfeeding and will entail complimentary bespoke body oil and a Happy Baby tea service by @saha_botanica. 


25 Minute


An indulgent and nurturing Prenatal Spa Upgrade, our Glow Facial is handcrafted to suit your unique pregnancy skin concerns and is perfectly paired mid-way through your Glow Massage Ritual as an intentional pause. Your bespoke Facial includes our luxurious handcrafted pregnancy-safe range of botanical-based deep cleansing and delicate exfoliation, organic oils, hand-blended masks, serums and mists, complemented by the healing vibrations of rose quartz. This beautiful treatment will leave your skin with a radiant, healthy glow. 


20 Minute


This opulent Prenatal Spa Upgrade, our Glow Legs treatment begins prior to your Glow Massage Ritual. While you are enjoying our artisan tea service and cocooning in a gorgeous pure linen robe, you will be luxuriated in our handcrafted aromatic magnesium-rich foot bath, coconut sugar scrub to soften and soothe your feet, and specialised massage to relax your restless legs.


10 Minute


A relaxing Glow Meditation at the beginning of your Glow Massage Ritual where your therapist will guide you and support your body to let go, and your mind to become more silent. This beautiful Prenatal Spa Upgrade magnifies the benefits and reach of your Glow Massage Ritual into your physical body. Your body will be more receptive, your breathing more natural, making it easier to release tension and stress. A beautiful way to connect with your changing body and baby.


2 hrs 30 Minute


(valued at $300)

Handcrafted pampering for our pregnant, breastfeeding and postnatal guests.*
Using our finest Sanctuary private label pregnancy-safe neroli and mandarin elixirs and botanics, this luxurious Retreat begins with a fragrant and soothing foot bath, scrub and leg mask while you enjoy a tea service in a gorgeous pure linen robe. After a delicate and relieving body scrub and quick shower, your journey continues with a deeply relaxing intuitive and supportive body massage, scalp massage and treatment, and a decadent bespoke facial. A guided meditation completes your journey, connecting you with your body and your baby.
You will be left feeling and looking radiant, glowing, lighter and simply exquisite. 

** For our Postnatal guests, please enquire prior to booking.


Footbath, Scrub & Leg Mask | Body Exfoliation | Body Massage 60 Minutes | Scalp Massage & Treatment 20 Minutes | Express Facial 25 Minutes


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