• Botanical Wellness Candle | White Gold | 150ml

    100% pure soy wax candle


    Say hello to your new obsession, the Sanctuary range's Botanical Wellness Candle. Once the Candle liquefies, it becomes a warm, nourishing oil ready for massaging into your skin or hair or to light and enjoy the aroma.


    The Botanical Wellness Candle is more than just another soy candle.


    She is a nourishing luxurious warm elixir in a candle, full of beautiful sublime ingredients to attend to your skin's wellness.


    Be intoxicated by the floral voluptuousness of ylang ylang, the unqualified femininity of rose, the sensuality and femininity of jasmine, the sunny floral character of neroli (orange blossom), and the classic freshness of bergamot and lavender.


    This gorgeous warm oil is unashamedly all woman. Elevated self-care made by a woman for a woman.


    This plant-based formula is made with grapeseed (to smooth), jojoba (to nourish), shea butter (to moisturise and soothe), coconut (to nourish) and argan oil (for anti-ageing and healing).


    Our Diamond vessels are made from thick, double-walled hand made glass which when lit refract light from the multiple geometric angles resulting in the most sublime wellness experience.

    Volume: available in 150ml


    Once your Candle has finished, please enquire about having it refilled for a reduced price or simply wash out and use as a gorgeous vase, tealight holder or jewellery storage.

    Botanical Wellness Candle | White Gold | 150ml

    • Luxuriate in a uniquely handcrafted blend of warm lush certified organic shea butter and botanical oils of coconut, jojoba, grape seed, argan and vitamin E, all designed to hydrate and nourish your skin and hair.


      Or simply enjoy the serene aromas of essential oils of jasmine, lavender, neroli, bergamot, ylang ylang and rose for enhanced feelings of relaxation, bliss and calm.


      This Candle is designed to assist with relaxation, reduce stress, alleviate tension, and soothe your nervous system. A perfect end to your busy day. 

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